The Summit, AK - Station ID: 9451349

Established:Jul 29, 1929
Time Meridian:135° W
Present Installation:Apr 25, 2009
Date Removed:2009-05-26
Water Level Max (ref MHHW):N/A
Water Level Min (ref MLLW):N/A
Mean Range:12.71 ft.
Diurnal Range:15.19 ft.
Latitude56° 40.9' N
Longitude133° 44.2' W
NOAA Chart#:17372
Met Site Elevation: ft. above
Today's Tides (LST/LDT)
graphical depiction of low tide
8:05 PM
1:25 AMhigh 16.5 ft.
8:02 AMlow -1.8 ft.
2:30 PMhigh 14.5 ft.
8:05 PMlow 3.0 ft.

How to reach: To reach the bench marks from Point Baker on the north tip of Prince of Wales Island via boat, proceed approximately northerly 32.8 km (17.7 nm) crossing Sumner Strait through Keku Straits to Devils Elbow, then proceed cautiously through Devils Elbow westerly and then northerly for 6.6 km (3.6 nm) to the area known as The Summit at the south end of Rocky Pass. The bench marks are on a group of three islands just west of the green daymark "27" at The Summit. The daymark is on the east tip of the northeasterly most of the three islands, on the west side of the dredged channel. The three islands are connected at about half tide. The tide gauges were established at the southwest corner of the southerly of the three islands (at the location of tidal bench mark 1 1929). Use extreme caution due to high currents and many rocks in this area.

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