Oil Platform Harvest, CA - Station ID: 9411406

Established:May 13, 1992
Time Meridian:0° E
Present Installation:May 13, 1992
Date Removed:N/A
Water Level Max (ref MHHW):2.22 ft. Jun 06, 1997
Water Level Min (ref MLLW):-2.22 ft. Jun 03, 1992
Mean Range:3.51 ft.
Diurnal Range:5.24 ft.
Latitude34° 28.1' N
Longitude120° 40.9' W
NOAA Chart#:18721
Met Site Elevation:0.0 ft. above MSL
Today's Tides (LST/LDT)
graphical depiction of low tide
8:08 AM
1:32 AMlow 0.2 ft.
8:08 AMhigh 4.7 ft.
1:58 PMlow 1.8 ft.
7:36 PMhigh 4.5 ft.

Sensor Information

SensorSensor IDDCP#Sensor HeightStatus
Air TemperatureD1198.4 ft. above site Elevation Enabled
Barometric PressureF1185.7 ft. above MSL Enabled
Pressure WLN11N/A Enabled
Tsunami WLU11N/A Enabled
For questions about disabled sensors, please contact CO-OPS User Services.


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How to reach: TO REACH THE TIDE STATION: NOTE: All directions are referenced to Platform coordinates. True north is actually +45 degrees east from Platform north. The deck level location for each reference point is included in the name. See Station Logistics for information on flying out to rig. Bruce Haines ((818) 354-0686, bruce.j.haines@jpl.nasa.gov) is the marn Point of Contact. To plan visit to Harvest, Contact Bruce and he will submit request to FMC Oil & Gas for permission and scheduling. To get on the Platform, coordinate with on-rig dispatch (805-733-5614) for flight schedule. Must arrive with limited facial hair, short mustache ok, no beard or long sideburns. Helicopter flight to rig is from Rotorcraft LLC, 1211 Citation Court, Santa Maria, CA, 805 937-3100. You may need to arrive early for a safety video if you haven't been offshore for a while. Current H2S safety training is also required which can be provided on rig by dispatcher (double check on this before departing), or in Ventura, CA. through Secorp (805) 642-7235. Upon arrival, check in with dispatcher for room assignment and safety briefing. DCP's are located at northwest corner of +87 deck in a large fiberglass enclosure. Benchmarks are located at various decks per descriptions, pressure sensor risers are on +20 deck, MWWL sensors are on a landing at +47 on northeast corner of rig.

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