New York/New Jersey Harbor PORTS, NOAA/NOS 2017-05-27 13:28 EDT        

----------------------------Water Levels (above MLLW)---------------------------
Kings Point              8.7 ft, Falling The Battery              2.7 ft, Falling
Bergen Pt West Reach     3.2 ft, Falling Sandy Hook               2.5 ft, Falling
                          Spd Dir Gusts                            Spd Dir Gusts
Kings Point               calm           Robbins Reef             5 kn   S     7
Mariners Harbor          8 kn WNW     9  Sandy Hook               4 kn WNW     4
----------------------------Air and Water Temperature---------------------------
                           Air   Water                              Air   Water
Kings Point              70 °F   59 °F   The Battery              68 °F   59 °F
Robbins Reef             67 °F           Bergen Pt West Reach     70 °F   62 °F
Sandy Hook               69 °F   63 °F   
-------------------------------Barometric Pressure------------------------------
Kings Point            1011 mb Falling   The Battery            1011 mb Rising 
Robbins Reef           1012 mb Falling   Bergen Pt West Reach   1012 mb Falling
Sandy Hook             1011 mb Falling   
-----------------Air Gap/Bridge Clearance (above water surface)-----------------
Bayonne Bridge        218.3 ft, Incr.    Verrazano-Narrows Br  228.0 ft, Incr.
------------------Currents (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards °T------------------
                          Spd          Dir                           Spd          Dir
Bergen Point (pred)    0.5 kn (E), 131.0°T Bayonne Bridge (pre..  1.7 kn (E),  80.0°T
The Narrows            1.0 kn (E), 151.0°T 

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