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Inundation Analysis Tool

8722670 Lake Worth Pier, Atlantic Ocean, FL Data Inventory
Please select a reference elevation and specify a date range for analysis.
You may select from an accepted tidal datum or specify a different elevation.
All elevations must be entered relative to station datum. Values are in Meters.

MHHW 10.075 Mean Higher-High Water
MHW 10.018 Mean High Water
DTL 9.608 Mean Diurnal Tide Level
MTL 9.604 Mean Tide Level
MSL 9.61 Mean Sea Level
MLW 9.189 Mean Low Water
MLLW 9.141 Mean Lower-Low Water
NAVD 9.905 North American Vertical Datum

---------------------------- OR ----------------------------

Note: Data query is limited to a 5 year maximum and 1 month minimum date range.


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