Inundation Analysis Tool

8518699 Williamsburg Bridge, NY

Please see the data inventory to find a period with hourly or six-minute data available.
Data Inventory

Note that this is a historical station and data may be available between 1999-05-19 00:00:00.0 and 2000-11-14 23:59:00.0

Select a reference elevation and specify a date range for analysis.

You may select from an accepted tidal datum or specify a different elevation.
Most elevations on land are given relative to a geodetic datum such as NAVD88

All analysis results are presently provided in meters relative to the requested threshold.

Meters relative to MHHWFeet relative to MHHWDatum
MHHW 0.0 0.0 Mean Higher-High Water
MHW -0.099 -0.32 Mean High Water
DTL -0.723 -2.37 Mean Diurnal Tide Level
MTL -0.743 -2.44 Mean Tide Level
MSL -0.719 -2.36 Mean Sea Level
MLW -1.386 -4.55 Mean Low Water
MLLW -1.446 -4.74 Mean Lower-Low Water
NAVD88 -0.653 -2.14 North American Vertical Datum
User Specified Elevation         in       relative to   

Note: Data query is limited to a 10 year maximum and 1 month minimum date range when requesting an analysis of 6-minute data

6-minute Height and High Water Analysis
Hourly Height and High Water Analysis
Hourly Height Analysis