Jaw Point, WNW of, Taku Inlet (SEA0807)

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Metadata: Currents

Available Data

Data is available for the following depths:

Approx. Depth Data
134.5ft / 41.00m Plot Data
124.7ft / 38.01m Plot Data
114.9ft / 35.02m Plot Data
105.0ft / 32.00m Plot Data
95.2ft / 29.02m Plot Data
85.3ft / 26.00m Plot Data
75.5ft / 23.01m Plot Data
65.6ft / 20.00m Plot Data
55.8ft / 17.01m Plot Data
46.0ft / 14.02m Plot Data
36.1ft / 11.00m Plot Data
Approx. Depth (feet) Approx. Depth (meters) Data
134.5ft 41.00m Plot & Data Data Only
124.7ft 38.01m Plot & Data Data Only
114.9ft 35.02m Plot & Data Data Only
105.0ft 32.00m Plot & Data Data Only
95.2ft 29.02m Plot & Data Data Only
85.3ft 26.00m Plot & Data Data Only
75.5ft 23.01m Plot & Data Data Only
65.6ft 20.00m Plot & Data Data Only
55.8ft 17.01m Plot & Data Data Only
46.0ft 14.02m Plot & Data Data Only
36.1ft 11.00m Plot & Data Data Only

General Information

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Attribute Value
Data Type Currents
Station ID SEA0807
Station Name Jaw Point, WNW of, Taku Inlet
Project Southeast Alaska 2008 Current Survey
Latitude 58° 17.570' N
Longitude 134° 5.935' W
Deployment/Recovery Dates (UTC) May 7, 2008 17:04:00 / Jun 18, 2008 16:19:00
Approximate Station Depth * 188.0ft / 57.31m
Sensor Orientation Up (Bottom-Mounted)
Time Zone UTC -9
Sample Interval 6 min
Time Meridian 135 W
NOAA Chart # 17315
Approximate Flood Direction (deg true) 355.0

* The elevation cannot be linked, connected or related to any tidal or geodetic datum published by NOS.